Signs My Mercedes-Benz Has a Leaking Exhaust Manifold

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Look no further than MMS Autosport if your Mercedes-Benz is having any of the problems listed below. These problems are signs that the exhaust manifold is leaking. They can also point to a leaking exhaust manifold gasket. Either way, the leaking part needs to be replaced. We can do that here at our shop.

Reduced Performance/Fuel Economy

The reason your Mercedes has an exhaust system is to pull the exhaust out of the combustion chamber to allow for additional combustion. If the chamber is clogged with exhaust, it will not be able to produce combustion and your Mercedes will stall. Unfortunately, when the exhaust manifold leaks, the engine fills with exhaust. Eventually, the exhaust makes its way into the combustion chamber and reduces the Mercedes’ performance.

As you know, anytime an automobile suffers from poor performance, it burns more gasoline. A poor-performing diesel engine will also burn more diesel fuel. As such, your Mercedes will see a reduction in its gas mileage until you replace the leaking manifold or leaking gasket. This can be extremely frustrating because you purchased your Mercedes for its engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Noises When the Mercedes Starts

You might also hear noises in the Mercedes’ engine when you first fire the European automobile up. As the exhaust leaks out of the crack in the gasket or manifold, it will tap, pop, or hiss. If you have a large crack in the manifold, you may continue to hear this noise while you drive around in your Mercedes. A small crack may get temporarily sealed when the manifold expands as it heats up.

Strong Burning Odors in the Engine

We mentioned above that the engine fills with exhaust gases when the manifold is cracked. Unfortunately, the gases are scorching and damaging. They will overheat your Mercedes’ engine and damage heat-susceptible parts.

Strong Exhaust Odors in the Cabin

With an engine full of exhaust, it should be a surprise that some of the exhaust can flow through the vents into the Mercedes’ interior. You will be able to smell the exhaust. If you do, pull your Mercedes over and cut the engine. You cannot drive it if you are breathing in exhaust.

An Illuminated Check Engine Light

Finally, the main computer chip in the Mercedes is going to turn on the check engine light. As you can see, a leaking exhaust manifold or manifold gasket causes all sorts of problems. Consequently, the chip has no alternative other than to eliminate the CEL.

MMS Autosport in Lawndale, CA, would be happy to help. Call us today to set up a service visit for your Mercedes-Benz.

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