Signs My BMW’s Fuel System or Filter Is Clogged

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If you check your owner’s manual, it will most likely say that you need to have your BMW’s fuel system service every 30,000 miles. We can do that here at our shop. Part of the fuel system service is to replace the fuel filter so it does not get clogged. Another part of the service is to clean the fuel system to remove clogs from other parts such as the fuel hoses or the fuel injectors. Failing to get this service can lead to a clogged fuel filter or a clogged fuel system. Here are signs that your BMW is overdue for a fuel service.

Rotten Performance

If there is a clog somewhere in the fuel system, it is going to directly affect your BMW’s performance. Unfortunately, the engine will misfire and the idle will be rough. In addition, the engine may stall frequently. All of these things are a sign that the BMW does not have enough fuel in its engine to sustain combustion in the combustion chamber. Consequently, you will feel as if your BMW is struggling to perform because it is. In fact, things such as the acceleration and operation at high speeds will be affected by the clog in the fuel system.

Rotten Economy

Consequently, this will reduce your BMW’s fuel economy because the engine will become a fuel-hog. There is always an increase in fuel consumption when an engine is running poorly. This can be frustrating because you will head to the service station more often to keep the BMW full. As such, your budget may take a huge hit.

Difficult/No Starts

It can also be difficult to get the BMW started if there is a problem with the fuel system. The engine needs to be able to produce combustion in order to fire up. If there is not enough fuel in the cylinders because there’s a clog in the fuel system, you may find it difficult or impossible to start the BMW.

Fuel Pump Problems

Finally, a clog in the fuel system creates problems for the fuel pump. If you think about resistance, you understand what happens. The pump pushes the fuel into the engine, but the fuel slows down when it hits the clog. Consequently, the fuel pump motor works harder to push the fuel through the clog. This can burn out the motor prematurely.

We’ve got you covered, so call us today if your BMW is overdue for a fuel system inspection and service.

Photo by Boyrcr420 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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